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Simple Workout Log is a great little Android application used to keep track of your workout history. Features like the ability to enter your own exercises, create multiple workout routines, set exercise timers, and to organise it all with categories make this a useful and easy to use application. I’ve been using Simple Workout Log for a couple years on both a Sony Xperia Z3 Compact as well as a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Mobile App
Platforms: Android Only
Cost: Free


What is Simple Workout Log?

Simple Workout Log is an Android app. With it, you can setup a number of exercises, and then organise those exercises into workouts. There are a handful of really great features that make this app stand out – a history that shows all of your previous workout sessions, an individual exercise history that shows all the previous times you completed reps, a calendar to give you a visual history, and a timer to remind you when to do your next set during an actual workout.

Overall the app provides a wealth of interesting features:

  • Date of last workout
  • Number of exercises completed during last workout
  • Reps completed during last workout
  • Total weight lifted during last workout
  • List of exercises performed during all previous workouts
  • Ability to enter custom exercises – strength or cardio based
  • Ability to categorise exercises
  • Ability to create custom routines
  • Ability to enter reps, weight, and notes each time you perform an exercise
  • History of every time an exercise was completed, along with reps, weights, and notes
  • Graph of weight lifted vs time for each individual exercise
  • Import and export functions for all of your workout data

Simple Workout Log - Exercise List Simple Workout Log - Add An Exercise Simple Workout Log - Routine List Simple Workout Log - Routine Details

When you initially install the app, it gives you an option to start with a default set of exercises, but my preference has always been to start with a blank slate. After you’ve spent some time entering all of the exercises you like to do, you can then move on to creating workout routines. Once your workout routines are created, you can get back to the gym!

Everyday Use

I will usually have a handful of workout routines created, typically named after days of the week (Mon / Wed / Fri) or for the type of workout (Core / Upper / Lower). When I go to the gym, I start up one of the routines, and get to work. For each exercise I put in my reps, and the weight. If I’m unsure about how heavy to go, a simple swipe will show me the history of all the previous times I did that particular exercise. This is really useful for slowly increasing the weight over time.

Once the workout is finished, you get a great summary on the front page that shows the total weight lifted, and how long ago you worked out (A subtle reminder to get back to the gym).

Simple Workout Log - Routine In Progress Simple Workout Log - Exercise History Simple Workout Log - Historical Calendar Simple Workout Log - Historical Details

Adams Take

I like the ease of use and straightforwardness of the data in this app so much that I did end up getting the paid version. I find the history feature invaluable when I’m at the gym, and it gives me the flexibility to enter exercises using my own organisational structure. I can keep a handful of different routines on hand, and when I don’t feel like following a strict routine, it’s no problem to select exercises individually as I go.

Strongly recommended.


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