Review – Pinhead U-Lock

Bike security company Pinhead Locks, known for their skewer locks, also has a full sized Pinhead U-Lock which I decided to purchase and test out. Click ahead for pictures and a little story on why this lock was just not right for me.

Bike Accessory
Cost: $91.99 USD
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What is the Pinhead U-Lock?

The Pinhead U-Lock is a bike lock developed by Pinhead Locks, a company well known for their skewer locking system. This particular lock uses the same round, coded key that their skewer locks use.

Unique Pinhead Coded Key Unique Pinhead Coded Key

Besides being able to use the same key for your skewers, headset,  and seatpost, you’ll be able to use your coded Pinhead key on the Pinhead U-Lock as well. The only other really unique feature of this lock is the shape – supposedly designed to resist jacks and leverage attempts.

Pinhead U-Lock Pinhead U-Lock

This particular U-Lock weighs 1110 grams. For comparison, my Kryptonite Keeper weighs 1008 grams, my Bell Short U-Lock weighs 705 grams, and my Abus Short U-Lock weighs 1024 grams. The Abus has a thicker shackle than any of the other U-Locks.

Pinhead U-Lock Weight Bell Short U-Lock Weight
Abus Short U-Lock Weight Kryptonite Keeper Weight

Pinhead U-Lock – The Good

For a hardened steel shackle-type lock of this size it is relatively light.

Pinhead U-Lock – The Bad

This lock doesn’t feel like quality lock in comparison to Kryptonite and Abus offerings.

Pinhead U-Lock Unlocked Pinhead U-Lock Detail
Pinhead U-Lock Detail Pinhead U-Lock Mounting Bag

It has a smaller diameter shackle, it rattles, the coded key is a bit fidgety to slide in and out of the case, the plastic scratches easily and feels brittle, the bike mounting option is really cheap, and let’s face it, traditional u-lock shapes have been doing just fine for a really, really long time.

Pinhead U-Lock Mounting Option Pinhead U-Lock in Action

Adams Take

For the money, go for a tried and true Abus or Kryptonite. You’ll get a higher quality lock, a traditional design that most bike racks were designed for, and a wealth of mounting options for your bike. Although the coded key is nice, the reality is that the Pinhead U-Lock has more disadvantages than advantages compared to a traditional U-Lock.

U-Lock Comparison

If you’re shopping for a U-Lock consider that my favorite lock, my Bell Short U-Lock (On the far right), only costs about $25 CAD and since it’s so small, is quite good at resisting leverage or jack based attacks. The Abus was purchased for around $50 CAD, and the tried and true Kyryptonite for around $60 CAD.