Project – Strawberry EcoCube Part 2

Unfortunately this will be an extraordinarily short update to Project Strawberry EcoCube. In the end, the EcoCube failed to deliver its promise despite good conditions and attentiveness.

Project EcoCube
Chapter: 2 – Conclusion
Cost So Far: $0.00 CAD
Timeline: Day 120

What’s Going on with Project Strawberry EcoCube?

Project Strawberry EcoCube really didn’t work out.

As you all know from Part 1, I started this EcoCube at the same time as my Project Living Room Garden.

I went by the directions and only watered 30ml of water every so often, when I noticed that the substrate was getting a bit dry, but unfortunately, I only ever got a tiny little sprout, (Maybe a few mm tall) which did not last long at all. you can see in the pictures where it lived most of its life.

Strawberry EcoCube's Home Strawberry EcoCube's Home

There was certainly enough light, warmth and humidity, so I’m not sure what went wrong.

What’s Next?

The next time I swing by a Chapters, I’ll see about picking up another one or two of these EcoCubes. I really love the idea of these cute little packaged plants, and I’d love to give them another try.

For this one however, the project is over. It grew, barely, and then it died. As you can see, I have no problem growing plants the traditional way, so I’m not sure why this failed so miserably.

To the next time!