Project – Living Room Garden Part 4

We’re on month 3 now with Project Living Room Garden, and I’ve just completed the first harvest of hot peppers! The big non-news this month is that of course T5’s are enough to raise hot pepper plants from seed to flower to full fruit. Click ahead to see a few more pictures of the haul!

Project Living Room Garden
Chapter: 4 – First Harvest
Cost So Far: $250 CAD
Timeline: 3 Months

What’s Going on with Project Living Room Garden?

This past month has seen a lot of weekend adventures, and project living room garden has been a bit neglected. As a result, all of the plants became a bit overgrown, and there were a handful of days where the plants were also stressed due to lack of water.

Before the Trim A Bit Raggedy
Some Hot Peppers Not So Great

Overall, the growth has slowed as the plants have diverted their energy to ripening the fruit.

Yummy Hot Peppers Yummy Hot Peppers
Yummy Hot Peppers I Can't Wait for These
I Can't Wait for These I Can't Wait for These

After picking the fruits off, I decided to give everything a fairly aggressive trim. I’m hoping for a second round of harvesting before the winter starts.

After the Haircut After the Haircut
After the Haircut After the Haircut
After the Haircut Nice Little Harvest

What’s Next?

In theory, this little experiment has carried itself out. The goal was to see if I could produce hot peppers using just T5’s, and in that sense, it was successful.

Growth was strong throughout the entire period, and quite a few peppers were produced, especially considering how much I had overcrowded the plants.

I will continue growing the plants for now, but I will have to consider setting the plants up with an automatic irrigation system in the next month or so, as I have a rather long trip coming up and I will not be able to maintain them daily as I have been doing up to now.

This won’t be the last update for Project Living Room Garden!