Project – Strawberry EcoCube Part 1

The EcoCube is a nifty little wooden block with some growth media and seeds already packed in – the claim is that with a bit of water, warmth and light, I’ll have my first strawberries in 12 weeks.

Project EcoCube
Chapter: 1 – Introduction
Cost So Far: $0.00 CAD
Timeline: Day 1

What is Project EcoCube?

I received this Strawberry EcoCube as a stocking stuffer at Christmas time and I thought that since the sun is starting to come out, it’s time to finally put it to the test. I’ll be writing a few progress updates on this EcoCube as the growth progresses, and then I’ll be writing a final review. I have seen these cubes at a variety of places including Amazon and Chapters / Indigo – and even at a few desks around the office.

Initial impressions are actually quite good – it came well packaged, and the instructions are clear – it’s a plant in a wooden cube!

It’s not entirely clear what the media is – it’s coarse, and seems to cling to everything it comes in contact with. There also appears to be a highly absorbent liner made of cloth on the inside of the block. Having never grown strawberries before, I’m curious if there are seeds in the mixture, or if there is a rhizome or root of some kind sitting dormant down in the media.

EcoCube Package Front EcoCube Package Rear

Part 1 – The Initial Setup

The cube was unpacked and watered according to the directions, and I placed it in a sunny windowsill over the radiator with a plastic bag to keep in the humidity. I’ll do my best to keep the media moist over the next few months. Here’s hoping for some strawberries! In general, the conditions in my apartment tend towards temperatures around 24 degrees Celsius, and around 30% humidity – this is with hot water radiators – this should make for a slightly dry environment, but at least it will be nice and warm! I’m starting this project at the same time as my living room garden project.

EcoCube Unpackaged EcoCube Watered
EcoCube Bagged EcoCube In Place

What’s Next?

Once something starts growing, I’ll do an update! Here’s to strawberries!


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