Project – Living Room Garden Part 2

It’s been about a month since our last update and the living room garden is really coming along. The peppers, tomatoes, herbs and flowers are all growing quickly, and the plants are healthy. Due to the limited space, all of the plants need to be trimmed quite regularly. Let’s take a look at how things are going!

Project Living Room Garden
Chapter: 2 – Blooming Along
Cost So Far: $210 CAD
Timeline: 1 Month

What’s Going on with Project Living Room Garden?

It’s been a month since I first planted seeds for the living room garden. Pretty much everything has sprouted, and I’ve already had to cut back quite a few plants due to space issues. You can read about the lights and initial planting in Project Living Room Garden – Part 1. Some of the plants have some burnt leaves from touching the lights, but otherwise, everything has been growing and staying healthy.

I haven’t been doing anything particularly special – just a heavy watering whenever the soil feels dry, and occasionally raising the lights as the leaves start to touch the bulbs directly. I haven’t added any fertiliser, and I haven’t adjusted the timing on the lights. Let’s take a look!

Caribbean Hot Peppers

Unfortunately I didn’t label the hot peppers when I planted them, so I’m stepping out on a limb here and making a guess that this pot contains the Caribbean hot peppers due to their slow growth. These peppers typically require a very high level of light and quite a bit of warmth – typical of the varieties found in the Caribbean. I’m not sure if they’ll be able to produce fruit under the lights that I currently have set up.

Caribbean Hot Peppers 2 Weeks Old Caribbean Hot Peppers 4 Weeks Old

Currently, the pot is very overcrowded, but I’m digging the look, so I’ll give it some more time to develop. If all goes well, we’ll be seeing habanero type peppers in another few months.


The tomatoes are growing like crazy! I’ve had to chop their tops of several times in the past month simply because they are outgrowing everything else and I don’t want to raise the lights and starve the other plants. I’ve kept two of them alive and I’ve been pruning regularly to encourage more horizontal bushy growth instead of vertical growth.

Tomatoes 2 Weeks Old Tomatoes 4 Weeks Old


The basil, cilantro and chives are all growing very well. The basil in particular is a fast grower – I’ve been able to snip off a handful of leaves every few days. This pot of herbs smells great as well!

Basil, Cilantro and Chives 2 Weeks Old Basil, Cilantro and Chives 3 Weeks Old
Basil, Cilantro and Chives 4 Weeks Old Basil, Cilantro and Chives 4 Weeks Old

Mexican Hot Peppers

I’m guessing that this pot is the Mexican hot peppers because the last time I grew them, they were fast growers, and since these ones are doing so well that’s my guess and I’m sticking with it! On the packet it says that we can expect Aneheim Chili, Ancho Grande, Big Jim, Sante Fe Grande, Cayenne Long Slim, Cayenne Thick, Jalapeno M, Jalapeno Tam, Neu Mex Sandia, Pasilla Beijio, Poblano, Serrano Tam, Serrano Hidelgo, and Tobasco (Wow!).

Mexican Hot Pepper Assortment 2 Weeks Old Mexican Hot Pepper Assortment 3 Weeks Old
Mexican Hot Pepper Assortment 4 Weeks Old Mexican Hot Pepper Assortment 4 Weeks Old

I’ve trimmed down this pot to only a handful of plants – it’s pretty hard to decide which ones to keep to be honest. In my previous setup, I had 1 plant per 2 gallon pot (Pots about twice as big as these ones currently being used). 2 gallon pots make for good homes for hot pepper plants like these if they have sufficient lighting. Once again I’m doubtful that I’ll get any fruit from these plants, so I’m happy to leave them overcrowded since they look pretty fantastic.

Portuguese Hot Peppers

This package is said to contain Aneheim, Cayenne Thick, Devil’s Yellow, Sandia, Portuguese Hot, Small Red Chili, Spinning Top, Tepin, Red Hot Cherry, and Big Jim. I’ve trimmed this pot down to just 2 plants – the strongest – and they are doing really well.

Portuguese Hot Pepper Mix 2 Weeks Old Portuguese Hot Pepper Mix 3 Weeks Old
Portuguese Hot Pepper Mix 4 Weeks Old Portuguese Hot Pepper Mix 4 Weeks Old


This has been an interesting experiment – this pot is absolutely jam packed with variety. Everything appears to be growing well, and it’s a pretty fun to look at! I count at least 7 different types of plants growing in the pot and they all have quite varied leaves and growth patterns. Pretty cool!

Flower Assortment 2 Weeks Old Flower Assortment 3 Weeks Old
Flower Assortment 4 Weeks Old Flower Assortment 4 Weeks Old

What’s Next?

I’ve been having to water all of the plants every second day or so, and I know that this requirement will only increase as the plants get bigger and stronger, so I’ll have to look into connecting the new plants to my existing irrigation system. I’ve been stalling on getting this done because I suspect that I will want to relocate the water supply, which will mean re-plumbing everything, and also looking into a stronger water pump. Stay tuned for some more growth updates, and system setup changes!