Review – LED String Lights

LED String Lights seem to be all the rage these days and I can see why! Cheap, bright, and flexible, these lights are a lot of fun to play with. They come in a variety of configurations with regards to length, power, and control. For this review, I’ll be taking a look at a 20 foot configuration powered by 3 AA batteries with a simple on and off switch, produced by Magicnight.

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What are LED String Lights?

LED String Lights are exactly what they sound like – a string of LED’s. For reasons unknown to me, they’ve become extraordinarily popular, as well as available, in the past few months from most online vendors. The construction remains generally the same from all of the different companies – they consist of a pair of coated copper wires with LED’s soldered directly on every 10 cm (4 in) or so. For the most part the colour I’ve seen advertised has always been a soft white.

LED String Lights - Front of Package LED String Lights - Back of Package
LED String Lights - Unpackaged LED String Lights - Up and Running

Lengths for these LED String Lights have been available from 2 metres (6 feet) all the way to 10 metres (30 feet). Power sources vary from 2 or 3 AA batteries, smaller watch batteries, and AC adaptors. Control schemes vary as well with the basic models only coming with an on and off switch, and more expensive models coming with remotes that allow for different blinking patterns and brightness settings.

The set I purchased was in the 6 metre (20 foot) configuration, powered by 3 AA batteries with a simple on and off switch. It came well packaged, with no instructions, but really, it was pretty simple to open the battery case, pop in some fresh AA’s and get going!

LED String Lights - Close Up LED String Lights - Looking Nice
LED String Lights - Looking Great LED String Lights - Used as Decor

Adams Take

Overall, a very fun purchase. Originally I intended to put them in the bedroom for a little mood lighting, but I was so pleased with the way they looked, and the amount of light they emitted, that I decided to put them in the living room for movie nights. I’ve actually ordered a second set to attach to one of my bikes, because I think that’d look swell at night!