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The Knog Oi is one of the most unique bike bell designs I’ve ever seen. While the market is flooded with options to make your bike go ding, the reality is that they are pretty much all based around the same design. While tried and true, the basic bike bell is not exactly the sleekest accessory for your bike. This is where the Knog Oi is different from the rest – the sleek design makes for a stealth installation, and it has all the same functionality as the classic bike bell.

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What is a Knog Oi?

The Knog Oi is one of the newest bicycle bell designs on the market. Instead of the typical round metal bell sitting up on top of your bars, this new design places a curved metal bar slightly raised about the circumference of your bars, held up by a pair of springs. The plastic mounting bracket is attached, making it all a single piece. One of the unique features of the Knog Oi is a built-in space for cables to run. Overall, this makes for an installation that is very low key – it fits in really quite well with today’s modern, high-tech bikes.

There are two different sizes of Knog Oi available – small and large. The small one fits bikes with bars 22.2 mm in diameter, and the large version includes a shim to allow it to fit on bars with 23.8 mm to 31.8 mm in diameter. It’s also available in a handful of colours – silver, copper, brass, and black.

Knog Oi Packaging Knog Oi Full Package Contents
Knog Oi Instructions-1 Knog Oi Instructions-2

The packaging for the Knog Oi is pretty slick – there’s not a lot to it actually – the bell itself, a rubber shim, an allen key for installation, and an instruction manual. I went ahead and installed the large version on my MEC National, which has 31.8 mm road bars. The version I purchased was silver. Because of the shape of my road bars, they would only fit near the centre, near where the stem attaches. In the instructions, it mentions that this bell is only suitable for round-profiled bars – so any bars that have aero shaping will likely have limited mounting options.

Knog Oi Close Up Knog Oi Installed-1
Knog Oi Installed-2 Knog Oi Installed-3

Installation was straightforward – I removed the allen bolt, clipped the bell over the bars, and screwed the bolt back in nice and snug. I think it looks pretty great! The sound is loud and clear – although certainly not the loudest bell I’ve ever had on a bike, it will be suitable enough for the local pathways, and of course, nicer than the alternative of yelling!

Adams Take

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with bicycle bells. The truth is that when I do have a bell on my bike, I actually use it quite often – as a warning to pedestrians and cars, it is really invaluable and much preferable to shouting. The thing I don’t like about bike bells is that it’s really hard to find the right balance between durability, aesthetics, sound, and mounting options – there always seems to be something that suffers, and the requirements often change between different bikes as well.

The Knog Oi is a pretty great option for me. I have plans to to put this bell on a couple of my bikes. It’s sleek, mounts sturdily, dings loud and clearly, and looks great! The only thing I would say that is off-putting about the Knog Oi is the cost – at $24.50 CAD currently, it’s quite a bit more expensive than a traditional bell.

Highly Recommended.


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