Review – Ibera Bike Cup Holder

The Ibera Bike Cup Holder adds yet another option for carrying a beverage on your bike. It looks good, is durable, and functional. Let’s take a look at the hardware, installation, and how it performs.

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What is the Ibera Bike Cup Holder?

The Ibera Bike Cup Holder is a well built accessory for your bike – it allows you to mount a cup holder to your handlebar or stem, or in theory, any piece of round tubing on your bike. It has a large tapered opening suitable to larger sized coffee or soft drink cups.

The hardware itself is pretty straightforward – there is a mount portion, which is adjustable for smaller handlebars or larger handlebars, and the ring portion, which holds your cup. The ring portion can be removed easily from the mount, so it’s no hassle at all to remove it temporarily if you don’t plan on using it. One of the nicer features of this cup holder is that it can be mounted horizontally, or vertically, opening up the possibility of installing this on your headtube, seatpost, or any other round, vertical or horizontal tube.

Ibera Bike Cup Holder Instructions Main Cup
Bracket Assembly Bracket Assembly

The plastic is hard, durable, and the construction overall, feels quite tough. You can change the size of the mount by unclipping the two pieces, removing a metal pin, placing it in the other position, and clipping the two pieces together again.

Bracket Disassembled Ibera Bike Cup Holder
Ibera Bike Cup Holder Mount Installed

Taking it out for a Spin

I mounted the Ibera bike cup holder to my Cannondale 29er and went out for a ride to a Tim Hortons a few kilometres away.

Ibera BIke Cup Holder Installed Large Tim Hortons Coffee

Overall, the cup holder worked as intended, however, there are a handful of caveats to consider when using it. A typical large coffee will spill all over the place, so unless you are on perfectly flat roads, don’t expect to be able to spin through the drive through and sip a latte while touring the town. Even when my large coffee was half empty, I still had to be very careful with my riding to not spill it all over the place.

Half Full Coffee Downhill with Coffee is Bad

With that being said, of course it should be obvious that a cup of coffee in this sort of cup holder would not be a good idea. What would work really well would be cold soft drinks with a cover and straw, or icy drinks with a cover and straw, like an iced cappuccino or slushie.

Adams Take

I think this cup holder is fun. For me, it conjures up images of a beach cruiser with a large soft drink, cruising the boardwalk under the sun. For everyday use, I don’t find myself purchasing coffees or soft drinks while on a ride often enough to warrant it being attached to by bike all the time, however, on a long tour, it could prove to be very useful.

Overall I’m pretty neutral about this accessory, but it could be handy in the right situation.