Review – Corki-21 Bike Bell

The Corki-21 Bike Bell is a clear clone of the design that Knog made so famous in early 2016 when they started their Kickstarter campaign for the Knog Oi. Today I want to take a look at the differences, and to see if it stacks up to the original.

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What is a Corki-21 Bike Bell?

It’s basically a copy of the Knog Oi which I reviewed not too long ago (See here). So that is to say, that it’s a pretty cool bike bell with a clean modern design.

Corki-21 Bike Bell Corki-21 Bike Bell
Comparing the Corki-21 and the Knog Oi Side by Side Comparison

Any Differences Between this and the Knog Oi?

On first glance they appear almost identical, however, there are a few small differences. The plastic part that goes around the handlebar appears to be the same piece on both bells. The Corki-21 uses a cheaper Philips head bolt as opposed to the Allen head bolt on the Knog Oi. The round metal piece appears to be a slightly different shape on both as seen in the pictures. The plastic striker mechanism is slightly different on the two as well, although functionally they are identical. The Knog Oi has a piece an additional piece of metal in the plastic band whose purpose I cannot determine. They do both ring with a slightly different tone – however there was nothing distinct about either of them that made one or the other better. Both of them rang with the same volume, both a little quieter than I prefer for a city bell.

Slightly Different Profile Slightly Different Profile
Different Bolts Different Striker
Additional Metal Piece Installed on my Bonelli Fairweather

Adams Take

When Knog came up with their new design for a bell it was pretty neat and innovative. It’s sort of too bad that in todays market a product can be cloned so quickly and then produced for slightly less, taking away the business from┬áthe original innovator.

Functionally and aesthetically, this bell works just the same as the Knog Oi – in that sense, it works quite well (Although the 22.2mm version is a bit quiet for my taste, compared to the larger 31.8mm version).

If you need to save a few dollars, get this version, but try and support the original if you can – that’s how we get new and innovative products in the first place!


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