Project – Giant FCR1 Part 1

My Giant FCR1 has come a long way from stock form – now it’s a bike that, honestly, just begs to be ridden faster and faster. Of all the bikes in my stable, this is the one that encourages me to push the limits the most.

Project Giant FCR1
Chapter: 1 – Introduction
Cost So Far: $1400 CAD
Model: 2008 XL Giant FCR1
Purpose: Sunday Race Day, Speed Demon, Joy Ride
Odometer: Approximately 625km
Setup: 2×11 Shimano Ultegra (7.8kg without Pump and Saddle Bag)

What is the Giant FCR1?

The Giant FCR1, like many of the bikes that pass through my stable, was an excellent deal on Kijiji that I just couldn’t pass up. I purchased it for about $400 CAD late in 2015. The condition was fair – no issues with the frame or fork, and the paint looked great. All of the moving stuff, the components, were in fair condition, but showing quite a bit of wear. The gentleman who I purchased this from was a beast of a man (A firefighter actually), standing several inches taller than me, and no doubt quite a bit heavier than me as well.

In stock form, this bike came with an aluminum frame, made from Giants ALUXX 8000 series butted tubing and a carbon fiber fork. It came with an aluminum handlebar, some ergonomic grips, Shimano’s RL-440 shifters paired with a set of Tektro v-brakes. Component wise, it wore a 105-style double chainring, and a 105 9-speed derailleur in the back. The wheels were a pretty decent set of Xero XSR-3’s wrapped in some Kenda tires (Many of these components are now found on my Bonelli Fairweather).

Right from the start, this bikes light weight, racing-style wheels and tires, and aggressive stance got me in the mood for speed.

And so It Began

Soon after my purchase, and really, with not even that many kilometers on the bike yet, I was able to take advantage of an excellent deal on a set of Fulcrum Racing 5.5 Wheels (Off Kijiji again, hooray). I wrapped them with some Continental Grand Prix 4000S2’s in 25c size, and put in an order for a full Ultegra groupset to go with the new slicks.

Handlebars, Brake Levers, Shifters Continental GP4000S2, Fulcrum Racing 5.5 Wheel
Ultegra 53/39 Crankset Ultegra Cassette and Rear Derailleur

All in all, the following major components were added to the stock Giant FCR1’s frame:

  • Ultegra 6800 crankset (175mm 53/39)
  • Ultegra 6800 bottom bracket
  • Ultegra 6800 front and rear derailleurs
  • Ultegra 6800 flat bar shifters
  • Ultegra 6800 11-28 cassette
  • Alivio front and rear v-brakes
  • Avid brake levers
  • Race Face carbon handlebar

A few other smaller things were added as well, including the saddle bag, Topeak mountain pump, Corki-21 bell (See my review here), and a few small lights.

A Real Speed Demon

This bike is seriously quick. I think that if there is a bike that is going to kill me, it will probably be this one! Thankfully, the tires offer unreal grip in dry conditions, and the v-brakes stop the bike incredibly quickly.

Handlebars, Brake Levers, Shifters Ultegra Drivetrain

Unfortunately the Giant FCR1 really doesn’t get too much riding time, since it’s impractical to commute to work with it, and it’s impractical to take grocery shopping, and it’s impractical to take to the pub… In fact it’s also impractical to take to a friends place, impractical to leave outside, and heck, it’s also impractical to ride it in anything but perfect, beautiful, weather.

2008 Giant FCR1 2008 Giant FCR1
2008 Giant FCR1 2008 Giant FCR1

It’s a very impractical bike actually, and I love it.

What’s Next?

Hard to say – this bike is pretty ideal just the way it is. If you see another project page for this bike, it will likely be some routine maintenance on some nicer-than-usual components (Since my typical bikes are pretty ho hum, when it comes to their specifications).

I hope to get many years of pleasurable riding from this bike.


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