Blog – Monday Ride and a Bike Tuneup

It’s Monday! That means it’s time for a Monday Ride! Ottawa had some beautiful chilly weather this evening – perfect for a quick go-around. I helped a friend with a quick bike tune-up, went for a bike ride, and thought about finally writing the project writeup for the Bonelli Fairweather.

Monday Ride
What: Well it’s Monday, so it’s time for a bike ride! Oh, and also a tuneup for a friend!
When: 2017-04-14

Monday Ride and a Tuneup for a Friend

I had my friend Emily pop over with a funny little bike, a Marin Stinson Euro (I think). She had just taken it out of winter storage (The laundry room in her apartment building), put some air in the tires at the local public bike maintenance booth, and noticed that it was riding a little funny.

Marin Stinson Looking Dirty Nice Logo
Nice Logo Low Pressure Up Front

Of course, it was riding funny – it looks like the both tires had lost all of their air over the winter, and the rear tire in particular did not seat back on the rim properly when she went to pump it back up. This led to the tube poking out between the tire and the wheel.

Tire Not Seated Correctly Just Look at that Rear Tire

After a quick wipe-down of the bike, I went ahead and removed both wheels, checked the bearings (They were both still good and smooth), fully pumped up the front tire, and then with the back tire, all that was needed was to deflate the tube, re-arrange the tire to center properly on the wheel, and then re-inflate. A quick chain lube job later, an adjustment of the brakes, and the bike was as good as new.

Drivetrain Shot Brakes Needed Adjustment
Pretty Reasonable Tires All Cleaned Up

The Marin Stinson is a pretty neat little bike. It’s equipped with an SRAM X3 rear derailleur and shifter, a single chainring, 7 speeds in the back, and a set of Kenda Kwest tires. All in all, certainly not highly specced, but a fun enough and great looking around-the-town bike. The bike weighed in at 12.5kg as shown (Without the lock). I also donated a set of Pinhead lights to Emily, since they were not really working out for me. I’ll try and get a review done of those some time in the short future.

Pinhead Magnetic Light Pinhead Magnetic Light
Pinhead Magnetic Light Pinhead Magnetic Light

The Ride

We went out for a quick ride up the Rideau River, across the bridge to the Gatineau side, past the Museum of History, and then back across to Ottawa, and home via the Laurier Bike Lane. What a beautiful evening!

The Rideau River The Ottawa River
A Sculpture in Gatineau Snow! Still!
High Waters on the Ottawa River The Alexandra Bridge
The Museum of History High Waters on the Ottawa River
High Waters on the Ottawa River The Bonelli Fairweather
The Bonelli Fairweather in front of City Hall Along the Canal

I took a short video of the high waters on the Ottawa River from the Portage Bridge as well:

Adams Take

I’ve been meaning to write about my everyday nice-weather commuter, the Bonelli Fairweather for some time. I managed to take some photos, but it looks like I’ll delaying writing this once again. It will be up soon, I promise! (I did eventually write up that project – you can see it here)

The Canal from the Somerset Pedestrian Bridge The Bonelli Fairweather

Until next time!