Article – Bicycle Touring Resources

I wanted to share some of my favorite sites that I’ve been using to prepare for my upcoming East Coast Trip. Thanks to the internet and portable technology, so many other adventurers before me have been hard at work documenting and publishing an extraordinary amount of information for us first-timers.

Because of my upcoming trip, I’ve been spending countless hours reading and watching resources on other peoples successful bicycle tours. The sites below, in particular, have been of great use to me, and cover things like:

– What to bring on tour
– How to plan a trip
– What to expect for expenses
– Places to visit in the future
– General bicycle touring resources

The Links

Bicycle Touring Pro
Bicycle Touring Pro has been one of my favorite resources, and general sources of inspiration for bicycle touring. Darren Alf, the Bicycle Touring Pro, not only has a ton of useful articles, but he also has an amazing collection of adventure videos he’s put together of his own tours. An excellent resource for anyone who has caught the bug. I can’t recommend his YouTube channel highly enough for ideas and insight.

The Wandering Nomads
An inspiring and relatively frugal traveling couple, Kevin and Shirine have been to many places including Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and seemingly, everything in between. Based out of Oregon, these two typically stay with locals and get immersed with the local culture when they travel.

Toms Bike Trip
Tom’s site is nicely organized and he has put together an article for pretty much any question you might have. I like this site because Tom provides options instead of absolutes. Everyone tours differently, and should therefore be equipped differently, and have different expectations.

Travelling Two
Another really fantastic couple, Friedel and Andrew, who have toured almost everywhere on their bicycles together. These two Canadians tend to enjoy a few more luxuries than Kevin and Shirine noted above, but their numerous documented experiences provide lots of great insight. These two now have a son, and have documented a handful of tours for 3!

Cycling About
A general touring and cycling resource, Alee, the site owner not only shares his plentiful experiences from bike touring, but he also has a ton of articles on new equipment releases, lists of options, and general industry news as well.

Crazy Guy on a Bike
Probably one of the largest user-submitted resources for bike touring on the internet. Although it’s a bit disorganized, you’re almost guaranteed to find an article, or forum posting on whatever question you may have. Also on this site are lots of great travel logs from all over the world.

Sheldon Brown
One of the greatest general bicycling resources on the internet today. There is an article about pretty much every single biking topic. This should be a go-to site for anyone wanting to learn about bike maintenance, equipment, general cycling, and touring. Where this site lacks in aesthetics, it makes up in time-tested knowledge.

What’s Next?

I will do my best to add to and update this list as time goes on. Let me know if there are other sites that have helped or inspired your touring adventure.!