Adventure – Lac Poisson Blanc Camping

Last weekend I went on a kayaking trip to Lac Poisson Blanc in the Notre-Dame-du-Laus region of Quebec. There were 4 of us, and we all kayaked about 10km to a great camp site on a peninsula in basically the middle of nowhere. It was a great time, and you should go yourself sometime! Click the link and check out the details!

Lac Poisson Blanc Camping
What: A kayaking camping trip
When: June 17-18, 2017

What is Lac Poisson Blanc Camping?

Lac Poisson Blanc is a large regional park located in the Notre-Dame-du-Laus region of Quebec. The lake itself is over 30km in length, and has around 35 campsites scattered on various islands, inlets, and peninsulas. Most of the sites are accessible by water only, so you’ll need to make arrangements to rent a canoe or kayak, or bring your own watercraft.

We brought along 4 kayaks and parked on Chemin du Poisson Blanc. All 4 of us are fairly seasoned campers, so we all had lightweight tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, good stoves, and water filters, leaving plenty of room for the important stuff (Food and beer!)

Preparing for Take Off Preparing for Take Off
Preparing for Take Off Preparing for Take Off

The trip to the campsite was fast – we had a strong tailwind, and not too much rain. The weather was great for photos on the water. Since the lake is so long, it can be a little hard to tell when you’re making progress!

Lac Poisson Blanc Lac Poisson Blanc
Lac Poisson Blanc Lac Poisson Blanc
Lac Poisson Blanc Lac Poisson Blanc
Lac Poisson Blanc Lac Poisson Blanc
Lac Poisson Blanc Lac Poisson Blanc
Lac Poisson Blanc Lac Poisson Blanc

The sites are good at Lac Poisson Blanc – this was our second time at this particular site, and just like last year, we had a pair of picnic tables, some benches, a good fire pit, a latrine, several good spots for tents, and and it was clean. There was also plenty of firewood within walking distance.

Arriving at the Site Success Selfie
Trying out a Cheapie Tent Set up for Food
A View off the Site A View off the Site
Campfire Ribs Trying out the Biolite Stove

The next afternoon we had a pretty heavy storm which actually snapped some of our ropes holding up our main tarp. The weather system in the area made for a very adventurous kayak home.

Enjoying the Rain Saving the Tarp from the Wind
Clear Skies but High Winds Clear Skies but High Winds
Incoming Storm System Great Sky

Adams Take

Once again, it was an amazing weekend on Lac Poisson Blanc. We all had a great Saturday with clear skies, and a strong tailwind taking us to the peninsula. There was a lot of firewood available, and everyone brought enough drinks and food. The next day we weathered a pretty strong storm that managed to break a few cables from our tarp, but we managed!

I was using a new tent which worked out well, and our group had a few new stoves, and a new water filter to try out as well.

The kayak ride back to the parking lot was a bit of a different story – it was just the two of us going back, since we had to work on Monday, and boy was that exciting. High winds, high waves, and at least 3 large storm systems threatened to engulf us on our 3 hour paddle back. Thankfully, when the weather got really bad, we were able to take shelter on shore.

Thats a Wall of Rain Thats a Wall of Rain
Time to Take Shelter Waiting out the Storm
Waiting out the Storm Beautiful Lac Poisson Blanc
Beautiful Lac Poisson Blanc Rain Makes for Adventure
Beautiful Lac Poisson Blanc Kayak - Trip to the Site

Would I go again? Of course! They’re great campsites, they offer great views, good walking and hiking, and the kayaking is A+. This is stuff of adventures!