Adventure – ECT17 – Day 7 – Yarmouth to Summerville Beach

Day 7 on my East Coast Trip 2017 – Starting off from a beautiful AirBnB in an old home in downtown Yarmouth, I make my way through the foggy morning along the Southern Coast of Nova Scotia up highway 3, to the 103, and over 180km later, I finish the night off camped out on Summerville Beach.

East Coast Trip 2017
What: Day 7 of a 5,000km Grand Bike Tour
When: August 4, 2017
Day 4 Stats: 198.1km and 1,312m of elevation
Total Trip Stats: 857.3km and 6,845m of elevation

Day 7 – Yarmouth to Summerville Beach

Day 7 was super productive! It’s hard to believe looking back, but I rode almost 200km from Yarmouth to Summerville Beach! It was a bit hard to show in the video since a lot of the nice scenery was off in the distance, but the whole day was filled with great sights – great ocean views on my right, wide open low forests in the middle of nowhere, and finally, the beautiful white sand of Summerville Beach.

The AirBnB was really nice. The couple that lived there was in the middle of renovating this old house, but you could tell that it was going to be a real beautiful place when it was all done. Good solid bones, classic architecture, and nice high ceilings!

A Beautiful Old Home My AirBnB in Yarmouth!

My initial plan was to take something called the Nova Scotia Rail Trail, however, after a couple minutes, I realized that it was not going to work out. There was a couple inches of soft gravel and sand on the trail and there was no way I was going to spend any serious time biking in those conditions. My advice? Stick to the 3!

A Foggy Morning in Yarmouth Too Much Gravel on the Rail Trail

As the fog cleared, I was treated to some incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean on my right. Although there was nothing dramatic about it, there was something special about biking along ocean all day long.

My MEC National in Nova Scotia Enjoying the Nova Scotian Sights
Enjoying the Nova Scotian Sights Wide Open Nowhere in Nova Scotia
A Few Hills Along the 3 Some Beautiful Clear Rivers
Suns Getting Low in Nova Scotia Suns Getting Low in Nova Scotia

The sun began to set as I pulled up to Summerville Beach, making for some fantastic evening biking. Since I had planned to camp on the beach itself, I had to wait until it was not so busy before setting up my tent. I pulled into a small pub for some fish and chips before setting up for the night!

Summerville Beach My MEC National at Summerville Beach
Port Mouton in Nova Scotia Port Mouton in Nova Scotia

Adam’s Take

There’s no question about it, after 5 days straight of biking, and 2 night days of rest, my body was totally set for biking. Almost 200km’s, and my legs were feeling great! I was also incredibly happy to be back in Canada, and especially back in Nova Scotia – the main goal of my whole journey!

Day 7 - Yarmouth to Summerville Beach