Adventure – ECT17 – Day 1 – Ottawa to St.Regis Falls

Join me on the first day of my East Coast Tour 2017 – Ottawa to St.Regis Falls. On this leg of the adventure, I take my MEC National Touring Bike from Ottawa, through Cornwall, across the St.Lawrence River and head further south to St.Regis Falls in the state of New York.

East Coast Trip 2017
What: Day 1 of a 5,000km Grand Bike Tour
When: July 29, 2017
Day 1 Stats: 181.6km and 758m of elevation
Total Trip Stats:
181.6km and 758m of elevation

Day 1 – Ottawa to St.Regis Falls

It’s been a couple months since I’ve completed this trip, and I can still remember how excited I felt when I left home for this epic month-long bike trip.

Everything I thought I would need was packed on my MEC National Touring Bike (You can see my initial equipment list here) as I set off from Sandy Hill in Ottawa. This days ride was pretty flat as I biked the Prescott-Russel Trail Link, through the cities of Embrun and Cannamore, and then finally crossed the international bridge in Cornwall, into upper New York State.

Panniers All Packed My MEC National Touring Bike
MEC National at the Prescott-Russell Trail Link Biking the Prescott-Russell Trail Link

Once in New York, I passed through Helena, the Brasher Falls State Forest, North Lawrence, Nicholville, and then finally, my destination for the day, St.Regis.

Crossing the St.Lawrence New York State
St.Regis Falls EverydayAdam at the St.Regis Falls

It was a beautiful day, as you’ll see in the video, and the majority of my riding was on smooth, relatively flat highways, so I was able to keep up a pretty nice average speed.

After admiring the really cool falls in St.Regis, I had a bit of trouble finding a camp site. I had never wild camped before, and so I didn’t have an eye for finding a good site yet. The area that I had planned ahead of time using Google Maps satellite imagery turned out to not be too suitable – the reason being that it was a low elevation area and quite swampy (The mosquitoes were ravenous as well!), and it was actually more populated than I had anticipated.

After biking almost 20km more than I had planned, I stumbled upon an ATV path going into the forest outside of town, and I hastily setup camp before darkness set in. The next morning when I woke up, I realized that I had made camp in basically… Voldemorts backyard – yes – it was spooky and damp, and I got out of there as soon as I could!

Adams Take

Day 1 was tough! It was my first time biking such a long distance with a fully loaded bike, I crossed the border on a bike, and in the evening as the sun was setting, I was really quite freaked out about finding a place to setup camp for the night!

ECT2017 - Day 1 - Ottawa to St.Regis Falls