Adventure – 1000 Islands Parkway by Bike

My friend Anna and I took a drive down to Brockville, and rode our bikes from Brockville to Kingston along the 1000 Islands Parkway. It was a beautiful Saturday, and after spending a night in Kingston, we biked back! Join us after the jump for some pictures and a video!

Biking from Brockville to Kingston Along the 1000 Islands Parkway
What: A 191km round-trip, 2 day bike ride
When: 2017-05-22

The 1000 Islands Parkway

In June, my friend Anna had a great idea of taking a drive down to Brockville (About an hour away from Ottawa) and taking our bikes down the 1000 Islands Parkway through Gananoque, to Kingston. Well – we did that! We took a handful of photos and made a little video as well:

Brockville is a beautiful little town, and we could have easily just spent the day on the docks, or in a small cafe. It was a little cold, but once we got our legs spinning, the temperatures were pretty comfortable.

All Loaded Up Anna and her Giant
The St.Lawrence in Brockville Adam and his MEC National

The riding is pretty easy along the St.Lawrence, with very little elevation change, and the sights are nice – lots of little islands in the river with beautiful houses, and once you get past Gananoque, you’re surrounded by rolling farm fields until Kingston.

1000 Islands Parkway 1000 Islands Parkway
1000 Islands Parkway Adam and Anna
Anna and Adam 1000 Islands Parkway
Funny Little Beer Store Anna at a Lookout
Bridge to USA 1000 Islands Parkway

It was a lucky time of year – many of the trees were in bloom, and we enjoyed many great sights and scents.

Gananoque Adam and the Bikes in Kingston
Kingston Along the Waterfront MEC National and the Giant all Loaded Up
MEC National in Gananoque Annas Giant in Gananoque
Shoes in Gananoque Adventure Success!
1000 Islands Parkway Map

Adams Take

Overall, this is a really great bike ride. It’s relatively easy, and the 40km or so between Brockville and Gananoque are all on a dedicated bike path. Between Gananoque and Kingston, there is a pretty good condition paved shoulder as well. There are lots of options for staying in Kingston, and there is no significant elevation change either way.